Centro de Tecnologia da Informação Renato Archer, Divisão de Superfícies de Interação e Displays

País de origem: Brasil

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Ricardo Cotrin Teixeira got a bachelor degree in Physics on 1996 (Londrina University – Brazil) and a Ph.D. degree on Electrical Engineering on 2006 (Campinas University – Brazil). He studies microelectronics since 1993 and during the graduation course he focused on LPCVD techniques for poly-Si and Poly-SiGe thin films deposition aiming both MOS and MEMS applications. Member of the EDS/IEEE since 2004, he was founder-president of the EDS Student Chapter at Unicamp and idealized/hosted or co-hosted many workshops and conferences, e.g. the Workshop on Semiconductors and Micro and Nano Technology ( and the VI Microelectronics Students Forum ( He is author/co-author of more than 60 papers (8 indexed), co-author of the book Introdução aos semicondutores e suas aplicações tecnológicas (Introduction to the semiconductors and their technological applications – ISBN 85-7216-410-3) and has one patent filled ( Method for reducing the thickness of substrates ; WO 2008/125543 A3) and one patent application on filling process. From 2006-2009, Ricardo Cotrin Teixeira was part of IMEC/Belgium staff, performing research on Si thinning (wafer and die level) for 3D-integration and biomedical applications. At present, Ricardo is at CTI Renato Archer, Campinas, Brasil. After developing several processes (semiconductor quantum dots for photovoltaic applications and metal evaporation and integration processes for OLED displays) he is now working on the Electronic Packaging Division, implementing and developing processes for advanced packaging Technologies such as flip chip, stud bumps and 3D integration. (Fonte: Currículo Lattes)