Tetragonal to monoclinic phase transition observed during Zr anodisation

21 de setembro de 2012 Robson Lima 0

Writers: Francisco Trivinho-Strixino; Donizete X. da Silva; Carlos O. Paiva-Santos; Ernesto C. Pereira. Keywords: Valvemetals; ZrO2; Anodicfilms; Anodic breakdown; Microstructure; Phasetransformation; Plasma electrolyticoxidation(PEO) Abstract: Plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) is a coating procedure that utilises anodic oxidation in aqueous electrolytes above the dielectric breakdown […]


Structural and Magnetic Properties of Ln2CoMnO6(Ln=Dy and La) Produced by Combustion Synthesis

27 de julho de 2012 Robson Lima 0

Writers: Pedro Linhares C. Filho; Petrucio Barrozo; D. A. Landinez-Tellez; R. F. Jardim; W. M. Azevedo; J. Albino Aguiar Keywords: Combustion synthesis; Ferromagnetic materials; X-ray powder diffraction; Perovskite; Manganite Abstract: In this article, the structural and magnetic properties of the Ln2MnCoO6 (Ln=La and Dy) produced by the combustion method are reported. […]


Multiscale Fractal Descriptors Applied to Nanoscale Images

28 de Fevereiro de 2012 Robson Lima 0

Writers: João B. Florindo; Mariana S. Sikora; Ernesto C. Pereira; and Odemir M. Bruno Keywords: Porous titanium oxide; Nanomaterials; Pattern recognition; Fractal dimension; Fractal descriptors Abstract: This work proposes the application of fractal descriptors to the analysis of nanoscale materials under different experimental conditions. We obtain descriptors […]


Sonochemical Synthesis and Magnetism in Co-doped ZnO Nanoparticles

27 de Fevereiro de 2012 Robson Lima 0

Writers: Larisa B. Arruda; Douglas M. G. Leite; Marcelo O. Orlandi; Wilson A. Ortiz; Paulo Noronha Lisboa-Filho Keywords: Dilute magnetic semiconductors; Co-doped zinc oxide; Magnetism Abstract: The understanding and control of ferromagnetism in diluted magnetic semiconducting oxides (DMO) is a special challenge in solid-state physics and materials science […]


Electroinduction of Peculiar Space-Charge Regions in Fully-Glassy Lead Oxyfluoroborate Materials Discerned from Impedance Spectroscopy

17 de Janeiro de 2012 Rose Portasio 0

Writers: José E. De Souza · Antonio C. Hernandes · Jean-Claude M’Peko  Keywords: Lead oxyfluoroborate glasses; Electrocrystallization; Dielectric properties; Space-charge effects  Abstract: Lead oxyfluoroborate (BO1.5–PbO–PbF2) glasses were prepared and studied in this work in terms of dielectric response. By applying impedance […]

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