Method for the production of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and polycarbonate (PC)/ABS standards for direct Sb determination in plastics from e-waste using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Writers: Francisco W. B. Aquino, Caio M. Paranhos and Edenir R. Pereira-Filho Keywords: Polymer; Method Abstract: This study presents a procedure for direct Sb determination in solid e-waste samples (polymers). Polymer standards (acrylonitrile–butadiene–styrene (ABS) and polycarbonate (PC)/ABS) were mixed with dichloromethane […]


Ciclo Semanal de Seminários do CCMC com Dalila Rivero

13 de Abril de 2016 Amanda Murgo 0

Strontium titanate is a perovskite structure material widely studied. The possibility of creation of oxigen vacancies in the structure of this compound , increase significatively their physical properties like: electric conductivity, physical stability and photoluminescence. […]


Understanding the formation and growth of Ag nanoparticles on silver chromate induced by electron irradiation in electron microscope: A combined experimental and theoretical study

Writers: Maria T. Fabbro, Lourdes Gracia, Gabriela S. Silva, Luís P.S. Santos, Juan Andrés, Eloisa Cordoncillo, E. Longo Keywords: Ag2CrO4; Order-disorder effects; Electron beam irradiation; Density-functional-theory Abstract: Ag2CrO4 microcrystals were synthesized using the co-precipitation method. These […]


GC electrode modified with carbon nanotubes and NiO for the simultaneous determination of bisphenol A, hydroquinone and catechol

Writers: Lorena Athie Goulart and Lucia Helena Mascaro Keywords: Multi-walled carbon nanotubes; Nickel oxide nanoparticles; Phenolics; Electrodeposition; Simultaneous determination Abstract: This work reports the electrochemical determination of bisphenol A (BPA), hydroquinone (HQ) and catechol (CC) using glassy carbon […]

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