The spatial distribution of temperature and oxygen deficiency in spark-plasma sintered superconducting Bi-based materials

16 de dezembro de 2014 Rose Portasio 0

Writers: E. Govea-Alcaidea, J.E. Pérez-Fernándeza, I.F. Machadob, R.F. Jardimc, Keywords: Bi-based superconductor; Granular material; Spark-plasma sintering; Finite element method; Transport properties Abstract: Pre-reacted powders of (Bi–Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+δ (Bi-2223) were consolidated by using the spark plasma sintering (SPS) technique […]


Electrochemical Properties of the Oxo-Manganese-Phenanthroline Complex Immobilized on Ion-Exchange Polymeric Film and Its Application as Biomimetic Sensor for Sulfite Ions

18 de outubro de 2014 Rose Portasio 0

Writers: Wesley B. S. Machini, Marcos F. S. Teixeira  Keywords: Biomimetic oxo-manganese complex; Biomimetic activity;  Electrocatalytic sulfite sensor Abstract: A biomimetic sensor containing the oxobridged dinuclear manganese-phenanthroline complex incorporated into a cation-exchange polymeric film deposited onto glassy carbon […]

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