Effects of chemical substitution on the structural and optical properties of alpha-Ag2-2xNixWO4 (0 <= x <= 0.08) solid solutions

Writers: Wyllamanney da Silva Pereira, Mateus Meneghetti Ferrer, Gleice Botelho, Lourdes Gracia, Içamira Costa Nogueira, Ivo Mateus Pinatti, Ieda Lúcia Viana Rosa, Felipe de Almeida La Porta, Juan Andrés and  Elson Longo  Keywords: morphology; structure; optical properties Abstract: In this work, we investigated the effects of chemical substitution on the […]


A 3D platform for the morphology modulation of materials: first principles calculations on the thermodynamic stability and surface structure of metal oxides: Co3O4, alpha-Fe2O3, and In2O3

Writers: M M Ferrer, A F Gouveia, L Gracia, E Longo and J Andrés Keywords: morphology, Wulff construction, surface energy, Co3O4, α-Fe2O3, In2O3 Abstract: Essentially, the exposed crystal planes of a given material, which primarily determine their morphology, tremendously […]


Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of Ag-2(W1-xMox)O-4 heterostructures: Nucleation of Ag, morphology, and photoluminescence properties

Writers: M.D.P. Silva and R.F. Gonçalves and I.C. Nogueira and V.M. Longo and L. Mondoni and M.G. Moron and Y.V. Santana and E. Longo Keywords: Ag2WO4; Ag2MoO4; Photoluminescence; Morphology; Raman spectroscopy Abstract: Ag2W1 -xMoxO4 (x = 0.0 and 0.50) powders were […]

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