Two-Dimensional Magnetic Correlations and Partial Long-Range Order in Geometrically Frustrated Sr2 YRuO6

Physical Review Letters Volume: 110 Issue: 1 Published: 2013

High-resolution neutron powder diffraction pattern of Sr2 YRuO6 at 3 K.

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Writers: E. Granado, J. W. Lynn, R. F. Jardim and M. S. Torikachvili

Keywords: Magnetic Correlations

Abstract: Neutron diffraction on the double perovskite Sr2 YRuO6 with a quasi-fcc lattice of Ru moments reveals planar magnetic correlations that condense into a partial long-range ordered state with coupled alternate antiferromagnetic (AFM) YRuO4 square layers coexisting with the short-range correlations below TN1 = 32 K. A second transition to a fully ordered AFM state below TN2 = 24 K is observed. The reduced dimensionality of the spin correlations is arguably due to a cancellation of the magnetic coupling between consecutive AFM square layers in fcc antiferromagnets, which is the simplest three-dimensional frustrated magnet model system.

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