Effect of the Grain-boundary Misorientation Distribution on the Intergranular Voltage Relaxation of Bi1.65Pb0.35Sr2Ca2Cu3 O (10+delta) Ceramic Samples

Writers: E. Govea-Alcaide; I. García-Fornaris; P. A. Suzuki; R. F. Jardim Keywords: Bi-based cuprates; Grain boundaries Misorientation distribution; Transport relaxation Abstract: The impact of the grain boundary misorientation distribution (GBMD) on the intergranular voltage relaxation (V − t) curves at zero applied magnetic field in Bi1.65Pb0.35Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+δ(Bi-2223) ceramic […]


Relationship between ferroelectric properties and local structure of Pb1−xBaxZr0.40Ti0.60O3 ceramic materials studied by X-ray absorption and Raman spectroscopies

Writers: Alexandre Mesquita, Alain Michalowicz, Jacques Moscovici, Paulo Sergio Pizani, Valmor Roberto Mastelaro Keywords: Ferroelectrics; Relaxor, PBZT; PZT, EXAFS; Raman Abstract: This paper reports on the structural characterization of Pb1−xBaxZr0.40Ti0.60O3 (PBZT) ferroelectric ceramic compositions prepared by […]


Highly dense and textured superconducting (Bi,Pb)(2)Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+delta ceramic samples processed by spark-plasma texturing

Writers: L. Pérez-Acosta and E. Govea-Alcaide and J.G. Noudem and I.F. Machado and S.H. Masunaga and R.F. Jardim Keywords: Cuprates superconductors; Texture; Spark-plasma; Anisotropy Abstract: Consolidated powders of the superconducting cuprate Bi1.65Pb0.35Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+δ (Bi-2223) by the spark-plasma texturing (SPT), […]

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