Synthesis and evaluation of the potential deleterious effects of ZnO nanomaterials (nanoneedles and nanoflowers) on blood components, including albumin, erythrocytes and human isolated primary neutrophils

Writers: Bruna Pastrello, Luana Chiquetto Paracatu, Luiza de Carvalho Bertozo, Iêda Maria Martinez Paino, Paulo Noronha Lisboa-Filho, Valdecir Farias Ximenes Keywords: Erythrocytes; Human serum albumin; Neutrophils; Sonochemistry; Zinc oxide nanoparticles; Metal oxide nanoparticles; Health effects Abstract: The application of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles in biomaterials has increased significantly in […]


Enhanced reactivity of peroxo-modified surface of titanium dioxide nanoparticles used to synthesize ultrafine bismuth titanate powders at lower temperatures

Writers: P. Francatto and F.N. Souza Neto and A.E. Nogueira and A.M. Kubo and L.S. Ribeiro and L.P. Gonçalves and L.F. Gorup and E.R. Leite and E.R. Camargo Keywords: Nanopowders; Wet-chemical synthesis; Reactive powder; Hydrogen peroxide Abstract: Bismuth […]


Formation of Ag Nanoparticles on beta-Ag2WO4 through Electron Beam Irradiation: A Synergetic Computational and Experimental Study

Writers: Roman A. Roca, Amanda F. Gouveia, Pablo S. Lemos, Lourdes Gracia, Juan Andrés, and Elson Longo Keywords: Nanoparticles; Synergetic Computational; Experimental Study Abstract: In the present work, a combined theoretical and experimental study was performed on the structure, […]

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