Influence of compatibilizer content on PANBR blends properties Unusual characterization and evaluation methods

Journal of Applied Polymer Science Volume: 127 Issue: 3 Pages: 2192-2200 Published: 2012

Higher magnitude SEM images of (a) C5 and (b) C10 samples.

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Writers: A. C. O. Gomes; B. G. Soares; M. G. Oliveira; L. A. Pessan; C. M. Paranhos

Keywords: PA; NBR; compatibilization; rheology; PVT; creep; morphology

Abstract: NBR/PA6 blends were prepared at the melt state and with the use of masterbatches. Compatibilization with NBR-oxazoline was tested with the aim of enhancing the blend performance and to obtain more appropriated morphology. The effect of compatibilizer content was studied through the characterization of blend mechanical properties, creep behavior, swelling, PA6 phase crystallinity, morphology, and rheological properties, including pressure-volume-temperature behavior. The results show a more significant elastomeric behavior for blends with 5 and 7 phr of compatibilizer, with deleterious effects for higher content. The migration of compatibilizer into elastomeric phase was documented by electronic microscopy, and corroborated by an increase in free volume of the samples.

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