Enhanced ferromagnetism in CuO nanowires on the top of CuO nanograins

Journal of Applied Physics Volume: 114 Issue: 17 Published: 2013

Image of scanning electron microscopy showing CuO nanowires/nanograins on Cu2O layer

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Writers: J. A. Souza, A. Zuniga, D. Criado, S. H. Masunaga, R. F. Jardim

Keywords: : CuO; nanowires; nanograins; enhanced magnetism 

Abstract: CuO nanograins (NGs) and CuO nanowires (NWs) on the top of nanograins samples were produced by the electrical resistive heating method. The NGs sample shows absence of long range magnetic order and strong field-induced ferromagnetic behavior. In the sample comprised of NWs on the top of NGs, a long-ranged antiferromagnetic ordering is induced by a magnetic field of 5 kOe and coexists with an enhanced ferromagnetic-like contribution. The ferromagnetic behavior is observed below and above the temperature-induced TN suggesting that this behavior is not dependent on the original magnetic state of the system, whether it is paramagnetic (PM) or antiferromagnetic.

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