Electrodegradation of Ponceau 2R using dimensionally-stable anodes and Ti/Pt

Quimica Nova Volume: 36 Issue: 1 Pages: 85-U319 Published: 2013

Imagens tridimensionais obtidas por microscopia de força atômica dos ânodos: (A) ADE-O2, (B) ADE-Cl2 e (C) Ti/Pt

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Writers: Francisco W. P. Ribeiro, Sâmeque do N. Oliveira, Pedro de Lima-Neto e Adriana N. Correia, Lúcia H. Mascaro, Roberto de Matos,  Ernesto C. P. de Souza, Marcos R. de V. Lanza

Keywords: Ponceau 2R; DSA; Ti/Pt.

Abstract: This paper reports the electrochemical degradation of the azo dye Ponceau 2R under galvanostatic electrolysis in the 1 to 200 mA cm-2 range at room temperature using dimensionally-stable anodes of oxygen (DSA-O2), chlorine (DSA-Cl2) and a titanium electrode of platinum coated with platinum oxide (Ti/Pt). The methodology applied was efficient for removing the color of the Ponceau 2R and the highest percentage removal of total organic carbon was obtained at 200 mA cm-2. Despite not having been observed complete mineralization, approximately80% removal of aromatic rings was estimated, resulting in drastic reduction of toxicity of the sample.

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