A new generation of electrochemical supercapacitors based on layer-by-layer polymer films

Journal of Power Sources Volume: 303 Pages: 73-80 Published: 2016

Schematic representation for (a) POMA casting films and (b) POMA/PTAA LBL films.

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Writers: Wania Ap. Christinelli and Roger Gonçalves and Ernesto C. Pereira

Keywords: Conducting polymers; Supercapacitors; Layer-by-layer films; Self-doping

Abstract: Here we report supercapacitors fabricated with the layer-by-layer (LBL) technique using two polymers, namely poly(o-methoxyaniline) (POMA) and poly(3-thiophene acetic acid) (PTAA). The electrochemical performances of POMA/PTAA supercapacitors were characterized by cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The results were compared with POMA casting film. The specific capacitance of LBL films increases almost linearly with a number of bilayers which were not observed for POMA casting films. The results of this investigation demonstrate that the self-doping effect between POMA and PTAA can change the properties on films and can be successfully used as a supercapacitor technology.

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