Dynamic and structural correlations in nanocomposites of silica with modified surface and carboxylated nitrile rubber

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Volume: 466 Pages: 247-253 Published: 2016

13C CPTOSS NMR spectra of pure XNBR (composed by three major units: butadiene (B), 1,2-butadiene (V) and acrylonitrile (A) and nanocomposites with 5% of modified silica nanoparticles (NX-5% SiO2, NX-5% SiO2-MPS and NX-5% SiO2-Pol).

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Writers: Renata L. Sala and Tatielih P. Oliveira Xavier and Tiago Venâncio and Tatiane Moraes Arantes and Caio M. Paranhos and Emerson R. Camargo

Keywords: Polymer–matrix composites; Thermomechanical properties; Solid state

Abstract: Distinct affinities between the organic and inorganic phases were observed in nanocomposites prepared through a colloidal route with carboxylated nitrile rubber and modified silica nanoparticles, which resulted in variable mechanical properties and improved thermal stability. Nanoparticles with modified surface affected the macromolecular arrangements of the elastomeric matrix, changing the final mechanical behavior of the nanocomposite, which could be predicted by the spin–lattice relaxation time measured by solid-state NMR. It was also possible to identify how each different nanoparticle affected the molecular dynamic of nanocomposite, correlating the dynamic-mechanical analysis with the NMR data of the saturated carbons of the elastomer.

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