Electroanalysis of formetanate hydrochloride by a cobalt phthalocyanine functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes modified electrode: characterization and application in fruits

Writers: Francisco Wirley Paulino Ribeiro and Francisco Willian de Souza Lucas and Lucia H. Mascaro and Simone Morais and Paulo Naftali da Silva Casciano and Pedro de Lima-Neto and Adriana N. Correia Keywords: Multiwalled carbon nanotubes; metal […]


Catalyst free vapor–solid deposition of morphologically different b-Ga2O3 nanostructure thin films for selective CO gas sensors at low temperature

Writers: Girija, K. and Thirumalairajan, S. and Mastelaro, Valmor R. and Mangalaraj, D. Keywords: Gas; Sensor; X-ray; nanostructures Abstract: In the present work{,} we have demonstrated the deposition of novel morphologically different [small beta]-Ga2O3 nanostructure […]

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