A personal perspective on the role of electrochemical science and technology in solving the challenges faced by modern societies

Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry Volume: 780 Pages: 355-359 Published: 2016

The central role of energy in all human activities, and of energy conversion and storage in solving the most important threats and challenges faced by modern societies.

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Writers: Ernesto C. Pereira and Angel Cuesta

Keywords: electrochemical; modern societies

Introduction: The fast growth of human population on planet Earth comes inevitably accompanied by the challenge of both maintaining the high living standards of developed countries, and extending them to developing economies. The first three problems associated to trying to reach these goals that probably come to mind are (i) producing enough food and ensuring water supply for all the population on earth, (ii) providing them with adequate health care, and (iii) generating enough energy to keep our strongly energy-consuming modern societies functioning, all this with a minimum impact on the natural environment.

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