GISA: A Brazilian platform for autonomous cars trials

Ieee International Conference on Industrial Technology (Icit) Pages: 82-87 Published: 2013

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Writers: André C. Hernandes; André S. Brito; Henry Roncancio; Daniel V. Magalhães; Marcelo Becker; Rafael C. B. Sampaio; Björn T. Jensen

Keywords: Sensors; Global Positioning System; Cameras; Accuracy; Laser radar; Receivers; Vehicles

Abstract: According to WHO, traffic safety is one of the major concerns of this decade. Due to this, researchers worldwide aim to reduce the large number of fatalities in traffic accidents. This paper presents GISA as a contribution to this scenario. It consists of a platform for testing autonomous car algorithms. Firstly, some requisites to build an autonomous vehicle are presented, followed by sensors, their placement and ROS middleware. Some tests are presented to check the platform performance, including localization issues and obstacle detection. Results show that GISA is a consistent platform for implementation of autonomous car algorithms.

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