A novel organic pollutants gas sensing material p-type CuAlO2 microsphere constituted of nanoparticles for environmental remediation

Writers: S. Thirumalairajan and Valmor R. Mastelaro Keywords: CuAlO2; Hydrothermal; Self assembly; Microspheres; Toxic gas; XAS Abstract: Abstract In this paper, novel organic pollutants gas sensing material CuAlO2 microspheres constituted of nanoparticles were successfully prepared […]


Visible-NIR emission and structural properties of Sm3+ doped heavy-metal oxide glass with composition B2O3-PbO-Bi2O3-GeO2

Writers: HERRERA, A.; FERNANDES, R. G.; CAMARGO, Andrea Simone Stucchi de; HERNANDES, Antonio Carlos; BUCHNER, S.; JACINTO, C.; BALZARETTI, N. M. Keywords: Photoluminescence; oxide; glass Abstract: A highly transparent Sm3+ glass with composition B2O3–PbO–Bi2O3–GeO2 was obtained by the traditional […]

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