Magnetic and Structural Characterization of IrO2 and Co:IrO2 Samples Synthesized via Pechini Method

Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism Volume: 26 Issue: 6 Pages: 2319-2321 Published: 2013

X-ray diffraction pattern of Co : IrO2 samples with 0, 2.5, 5, and 10 mol% of cobalt.

Writers: D. Von Dreifus; A.J.A. de Oliveira; A.V. do Rosario; E.C. Pereira

Keywords: Iridium dioxide; Cobalt doped iridium oxide; Pechini method

Abstract: Diluted Magnetic Oxide Semiconductors (DMOS) are oxides that combine two important properties for applications in spintronics: the capacity to control conductivity and ferromagnetism. Obtaining new materials that exhibit simultaneously these behaviors is challenging. In this paper, we investigate whether it is possible to use IrO2 and Co:IrO2 as a DMOS by studying their magnetic and structural characteristics. The samples were synthesized by the Pechini method, and characterized by X-ray diffraction and magnetization measurements. These samples were doped with 0 to 10 mol% Co concentrations. The X-ray diffraction was analyzed using the Rietveld refinement procedure which showed that all cobalt (Co2+) introduced into the IrO2 lattice replace Ir4+ ions until the dopants concentration of about 10 mol%, and no phase segregation was observed for the highest dopant concentration investigated. Magnetization measurements as a function of temperature and applied magnetic field were performed on these samples. The results show a paramagnetic behavior, despite of the high Co concentration.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10948-012-1424-5

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