Use of the Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Methos Adapted to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Teaching

Revista Brasileira De Ensino De Fisica Volume: 35 Issue: 4 Published: 2013

Método Cooperativo de Aprendizagem Jigsaw (diagrama baseado na Ref. [15]).

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Writers: LEITE, Ilaiáli Souza; LOURENCO, Ariane Baffa; LICIO, José Guilherme  and  HERNANDES, Antonio Carlos.

Keywords: nanoscience and nanotechnology; high school education; method of Cooperative Learning Jigsaw

Abstract: In our days, the effects which are studied in the fields of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (N&N) have influence on the daily lives of human beings. However, school systems still have difficulties addressing these subjects, especially at the level of basic education. In this article, a teaching methodology of N & N is discussed; it is based on the application of a short course to high school students, along with a variation of the method of Cooperative Learning Jigsaw, in which we use a scientific text as a focus for the activity. It was found that the combination of these activities enabled students to understand and correlate the different concepts related to N&N, as well as form and expand their conceptual bases in a cooperative way.

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