An Experimental and Computational Study of beta-AgVO3: Optical Properties and Formation of Ag Nanoparticles

Journal of Physical Chemistry C Volume: 120 Issue: 22 Pages: 12254-12264 Published: 2016

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Writers: Regiane Cristina de Oliveira, Marcelo Assis, Mayara Mondego Teixeira, Maya Dayana Penha da Silva, Máximo Siu Li, Juan Andres, Lourdes Gracia, and Elson Longo

Keywords: nanoparticles; crystals

Abstract: This article aims to gather together in one place and for first time the formation process of Ag nanoparticles (NPs) on β-AgVO3 crystals, driven by an accelerated electron beam from an electronic microscope under high vacuum. Synthesis and optical properties of β-AgVO3 are reported, and the relationship between structural disorder and photoluminescence emissions is discussed. First principle calculations, within a QTAIM framework, have been carried out to provide a deeper insight and understanding of the observed nucleation and early evolution of Ag nanoparticles (NPs) on β-AgVO3 crystals. The Ag nucleation and formation is a result of structural and electronic changes of the [AgO5] and [AgO6] clusters, consistent with Ag metallic formation.

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