Temporal series of micrographs coupled with electrochemical techniques to analyze pitting corrosion of AISI 1040 steel in carbonate and chloride solutions

Electrochimica Acta Volume: 124 Pages: 143-149 Published: 2014

Analysis of a temporal series of micrographs at different [Cl−] to calculate thetotal pit area during chronoamperometric measurements. Solution of 0.1 mol dm−3NaHCO3either without chloride (1), or with: 1.5% [Cl−] (2), 2.0% [Cl−] (3), 2.25% [Cl−](4), 2.5% [Cl−] (5), and 3.5% [Cl−] (6). Overpotential applied during chronoampero-metric measurements: 350 mV.

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Writers: Alexsandro Mendes Zimer, Matheus A.S. De-Carra, Lucia Helena Mascaro, Ernesto Chaves Pereira

Keywords: in situ optical microscopy; AISI 1040 steel; Pitting corrosion; Digital image processing

Abstract: This work presents a method to study corrosion reactions in real time by the analysis of a temporal series of micrographs using in situ optical microscopy coupled to electrochemicaltechniques. The approach was applied to study the pitting corrosion of AISI 1040 steel during chronoamperometric measurements, in carbonate and chloride solutions. Using this coupled approach, it was possible to measure different pit parameters as well as to estimate the mean pit depth. The number of pits and the total pit area presented different behaviors as the chloride concentration increased and active and passive pits were detected.

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